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Hello friends. You know that we are living in India. Our country is popular for our native culture in whole world . many examples prove that everyone follow our culture. Mehndi is also related from our culture and its very main role in our life. Mehndi is the sign of happiness. In the ancient time its use only on marriage ceremony. But now it’s a part of every happy moment. In this time you see crowd in Chandigarh market for shadi season and any festival. So Mehndi is make a necessary thing . A Mehndi ceremony is start usually from bride’s house. Because bride is the main person in marriage. She is going for start her new life. So many point makes her personality perfect. So we provide the Mehndi artist Chandigarh in our every programs. In the marriage everyone focus on bride’s Make up. Mehndi on bride’s hand is makes most attraction . artist knows about their client’s expectations. So they makes very different designs according to their client’s . Mehndi is very native and perfect art and its main role in marriage for bride. It is sign of happiness and love. many ladies says about Mehndi “if your Mehandi colur is very dark. Your love is deeply.” So in this time Mehndi is most demanding art in every marriage and festival and we need a Mehndi artist Chandigarh. If you are preparing for any party and marriage ceremony in your home. You are searching for a best artist who is perfect in make Mehandi design . you are on a right way. We are here for serve you and solve your problems in only few minutes. Call us on 9888884172 and you want check our total details.

Now wedding season is start and it is the most enjoyable time for both families. Every preparation of Marriage Mehndi artist Chandigarh is the main part of parties. It gives a traditional look of bride and makes very attractive design. Now I am telling you about many types and different styles of Mehndi .

What are the different types of Mehndi .

1. Indian Mehndi design:- Indian Mehndi design is the most ancient and different than other. It is very attractive . it makes reason of bride’s attraction in her marriage. The details of designs is very big large in size. So I am telling you in very shortly. These designs are very popular for many occasional Karwachoth , marriage and engagement ceremony etc. mostly design used in Indian mehndi like birds, nature and lord Krishna’s status

2. Arabic mahandi designs :-opposite Indian designs Arabic design is broads and more large than our design .they makes round shape and many words of arbi language is its makes attractive.

3. Indo Arabic mehandi design:- it is the combo of Indian and arbi pattern. In this design like Indian birds tree and nature shading is include. So These designs are using in india mostly . so this is most demanding .

4. Westen mehandi design :- it is totally different than indian design . its called henna tattoo in the west. It is very different design in this design many types of shapes and different patterns. But many people like it who want something different than other. So it is also demanding in the market.

5. Moroccan Mehndi Designs:-unlike our Indian design these are not very detailed. but their pictures of diamond and other amazing thing makes different than others, so these are very attractive and very beautiful by looks. They makes in our design diamond shape. it is their main design. if some person like different things on our body so its demand is .

6. Indo Western mehndi designs:- it is the fusion makes by the designer. it is the combo of east and west. design of this category mostly spaced out. Indian traditional style and western is also mixed in this.

7. Pakistani mehndi designs:- Indian and Pakistani Mehndi patterns are mostly same. but in these most different is musical instrument and birds is not in their design. its focus only on leaf, birds and folk. its taken inspiration from arbi patterns.

Skills :-

1. our artist is very talented and well educated. So they can adjust with you .

2. our artist is working on this sector from many years. So they are very expert in their work.

3. We known for our dedication for work.

4. We are special n bridal design according to your choice.

5. We have the many demanding design in market.

6. Our artist is perfect in many types designs like indo, western, Arabic , Pakistani , etc.

7. Our service is door to door so its save your time.

8. Customer’s satisfaction is our motto.

9. Customer’s smile is our prize.

10. We provide many affordable package for bridal.

11. You can book our artist on call. Our phone line is open 24x7.

12. We send Mehndi design on your whts app no. you can choose and you can send also your favorite design.

13. We are the one of best Mehndi artist provider of the city.

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Bridal Mehandi Chandigarh

Bridal Mehandi

$40 - $80

Indian Wedding tradition calls for a Mehndi ceremony to be held the night before the wedding as a way of wishing the bride good health and prosperity as she makes her journey on to marriage.

Festival Mehandi Chandigarh

Festival Mehandi

$40 - $80

Mehndi in Indian tradition is typically applied during special Hindu weddings and Hindu festivals like Karva Chauth, Vat Purnima, Diwali, Bhai Dooj and Teej. Muslims in the Indian subcontinent also apply Mehndi during festivals such as Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.

Professional Mehandi Chandigarh

Professional Mehandi

$40 - $80

Professional Mehendi with latest designs like dulha-dulhan figures, animal figures and portraits are our forte. Our skill is also considered in floral and cut-work Mehendi designs and designer mehendi with trending patterns.

Wedding Mehandi Chandigarh

Wedding Mehandi

$40 - $80

Mehndi or palm painting with henna is an integral part of Indian wedding. It is an ancient tradition. Brides love to put mehndi in her hands

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